N1WPN,  XYL  and  K1RJZ 
take to the snow ham radio style


A 74-mile snowmobile trip through the Lakes Region of Central NH.  March 2003

Wayne Nakata, N1WPN and XYL Tayna
Rick Zach, K1RJZ  your humble wilderness guide.


Yaesu FT90 with other gear.  Repeater usage was pretty good when the acoustic engine noise was not competing. The radio was powered by a floating gel cel system.  Ham gear can be a key safety item when traveling in the back woods where cel phones can have very poor coverage.

Rick, K1RJZ with the Diamond NR770
no-groundplane antenna in the rear.


Wayne, N1WPN and XYL, Tayna on Lake Waukewan.  Time for lunch and Tayna's "granola" meal of nuts, twigs and bark mulch.   Rick had Fritos. 

This was to become a 74-mile trip covering five lakes around the Lake Winnipesaukee area.  Next it was time to explore Squam Lake, the actual location of
"On Golden Pond" (seen here).

That's a LONG walk to a nature break.

Rick, K1RJZ and Tayna.


Center Harbor, the winter home of the Mt. Washington.


Later in the evening, Wayne picked up some babe in a bar in Meredith.  He couldn't help himself.

From a previous week but I like this shot.  -K1RJZ


Link to world class dog sled races and a ham public service event held the previous week.

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