WCVB-TV  Sky-5

Placed into service
July 18, 2006



Eurostar   AS-350




Sky-5 pilot Mark Smith
Note the tail camera shot on the left monitor.



Photographer's position and my foot next to the PTT footswitch.





Mark also wants to get his ham license when he can dedicate the time !



TheBostonChannel.com web staff meets their new ship.
How many web sites have their own helicopter?



Note the new inflatable pontoons required for over-water work.



Flight photographer, Zip Bradwell



Pilot side of cockpit


Flight photographer's center console

Flight photographer's center console.  The Kenwood UHF commercial radios have
emergency ham communications capability going to several agencies (MEMA, ARES, RACES).
Some of the crew are hams.  



Belly view complete with bug hits.
The center radome contains both TX and RX antennas for microwave relays
(ground-to-air-to-ground microwave repeater).





Time to work on the microwave transmit antenna (3 horns).




Starboard side video distribution area




Port side RF distribution area



Dana Lorusso from Comtronics performing a final checkout
on the two Kenwood TK890 UHF radios





Radio interference test flight  7PM  5-7-2008

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