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Why is Utah Beach important?

Due to the gentle beaches, this is where the majority of US Troops landed in Normandy.  However it was particularly vulnerable to German counter attack by way of roads from Sainte Mere Eglise and artillery from Point du Hoc.  The utility of Utah Beach made the securing of the other two locations all that more important.

To the troops landing at Utah, their long-term goal was to cut off a peninsula to capture the critical port of Cherborg.  Without Cherborg as an allied port, future reinforcements would not be able to receive enough critically needed "Beans, bandages and bullets".







Just drive by, pull over and pick out a bunker to explore.




Guns at the beach were aimed parallel to the beach, not seaward.  Seaward-facing guns were often to the rear.



The many bunkers were extremely easy to access



The roads make it easy to see why the small town of Sainte Mere Eglise was so important to Utah.













These signs are unique to the Utah Beach area








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