International Helicopter Expo by HAI
February 2010      Houston, Texas



           made in Italy



A plywood prototype from Eurocopter
made in France



made in USA




made in USA



The debut of the "Grand New" model helicopter from Agusta (pronounced "Ah-goosta")


Q: How did all of those helicopters get to the Houston Convention Center?

A:  Most helicopters were staged at the Hobby Airport outside of Houston.  They were then flown-in in a controlled caravan style, landed in the parking lot, and rolled into the building.



























Helicopters for sale off the floor are often white to allow for for future painting.







The President of Bell Helicopter dedicating a customer's new ship.



                       for Mercy Hospital in Des Moines




One of our customers on display







This mounts to the side of a chopper.  For the new generation of live-local TV reporters?



The world's largest capacity heavy-lift helicopter.
The Sikorsky Skycrane which in 1992 became the Erickson Aircrane.





The forward-looking cockpit.  Another one-seat cockpit faces to the rear.



Time to remove numerous of helicopters
from inside of the convention center

Most simply exited the building and flew away.



Q:  How does one remove the world's largest heavy-lift helicopter
      from the interior of a convention center

A:  In big pieces... then fly away.





Found on the way out the door