The  Boston  skyline
as  seen  from  One Boston Place

Pictures taken during a recent microwave system upgrade.


One Boston Place as seen to the rear of the church looking up from the Boston Commons.



As seen from Newscopter-5.



As seen from the main roof looking further up at the cooling tower.



As seen with Kurt Jackson at work



She never took her eyes off of us.   We were the uninvited visitors, not she.



This was the view seen from the roof of the Prudential Tower looking northeast at One Boston Place to the far right.
The WCVB-TV steerable microwave ENG receive antenna is contained inside the large round enclosure.  



Boston's Back Bay on a fine fall day looking west from One Boston Place.

Boston's Back Bay by night looking west.  Note the WBZ/WCVB-TV tower to the far right of center.



Looking east from One Boston Place towards Logan airport.  Some large ships can be seen in the distance.

Same shot at night.  The white specks are aircraft stacked up to land from the east.


Looking south towards the Southeast Expressway / I-93

Similar shot at night.    Note the aircraft approaching Logan from the south.


All in a day's work...